Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some more extra picture we studied in Practical..

This for microplasma...opsss MYCOPLASMA
sterol for :growth
     :membrane(tripple layer)
-grows aerobically but some need air plus 10% CO2
Telur mata kerbau..maybe under metylene blue because of blue colour..
-resistance to penicillin(lack of cell wall)

Ni maybe Giemsa stain..because it look reddish..:P 
-affinity for mammalian cell membrane by special terminal adhesion proteins.

This...emmmm...dont know..whoever knew..please tell us..thanks..:p
-cold agglutination(non specific reaction) in mycoplasma pneumoniae...IgM + RBC type O at 4 celcius..

Chlamydiae..starting with elementary body which infect the epi. cell, then will form intra-cytoplasmic inclusion near the nucleus..the elementary body then forming reticulate time goes on,the maturation of the reticulate body will then transform to elementary body which will be infectious...the cycle continue 

How long the time taken for one cycle of this picture? is 48-72 hours..

it is actively motile by means of Endoflagella.
-no affinity to anilline dyes.

 False +ve results? in what diseases & conditions?
-infectious mononucleosis
-collagen vascular disease(SLE)
-drug addiction
-recent immunization with certain vaccines

P/s : sorry if any of the elaboration points incorrect..bitaufiq wannajah

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  1. T.pallidum organism yg nakal,
    suke gi kelab malam (dark ground microscopy),

    kt kelab malam menari dangdut, (cork screw & angulation motility)

    pastu terlibat dgn maksiat lak~ kne STD~ syphilis~