Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lab Diagnosis of Gonorrhea and some pic

Second microbiology practical class of semester 6.


1. Gram -ve diplococci : NEISSERIA culture

2. Gram -ve diplococci : NEISSERIA smear
     stain - Gram stain

3. Gram -ve diplococci : NEISSERIA smear
     stain - Methylene blue


1. Blood agar

2. Chocolate agar

3. Thayer-Martin
    - chocolate agar + VCN (vancomycin, colistin, nystatin)
    - vancomycin for Gram +ve bacteria, colistin for Gram -ve bacteria, nystatin for fungi

4. Oxidase test

-Violet colonies
- IMPORTANT CHARACTER distinguish from meningococcus is ability producing acid from glucose not maltose


Candle jar

-we can also use gas pack jar.

1. Chlamydia - Giemsa stain

-Obligate intracellular 
-not affected by B-lactam antibiotics(absense of peptidoglycan layer in cell wall)
-sensitive to sulphonamides.

2. Chlamydia - McCoy's cells

Lab diagnosis:
-direct antigen detection(IF,ELISA)
-NA probes

3. Mycoplasma - phleomorphic appearance

-SLOW GROWERS: incubated at least 48-96 hrs but maybe several days or even weeks before growth appears..

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