Wednesday, March 30, 2011


WELCOME 'new' Egypt. Why is it new? Don't know lah..:P 
By the way..i just want to say that our 'war' is still not finish yet.."soldiers,be prepared" 
In this semester don't ever forget that we will be presenting our assignment on HUMAN RIGHT which will begin next week InsyaAllah..So hopefully that we stay tune with the channel,..opss sorry,stay alert with your own presentation so that make the professor easy close the eyes and write full marks..:) InsyaAllah..

And don't forget to be prepared yourself to be present to practical classes which will be set up next week in which only physiology class begin..Our GS3 leader said that he would like to show to the other section that this semester will have no absences in practical classes...unless unexcused reason..:P 

Hope that all of us will gain new spirit of studying..FI SABILILLAH..never give up..No fails.. No one would be left behind InsyaAllah..:)