Monday, November 22, 2010

BA'DA EID..Whats going on to us.?

Sorry for late wish to all GS3..Salam Aidiladha..Hope our sacrifice would be accepted by Allah S.W.T..

Day by day, time bye time..we now approching the presentation week..Hope that all members of GS3 would make the preparation well for their assignment. As we all knew that the presentation mark contribute 15 marks for our result of each semester...SO I VERY HOPE THAT THIS 15 MARKS WILL NOT EVEN BE LESS..UNLESS (if the proffessor is stone-hearted) hehehe...:P BUT MAKE SURE WE DONE OUR BEST!!

THESE are the list of presentation of subjects for this semester that been receive by each student,GROUP LEADER PLEASE BE ALERT k..(if any changes would be mention BA'din..:P)
  • PHYSIOLOGY- have started on 20-11-2010 
  • PARASITOLOGY-will be on 30-11-2010 (all group will have NO excuses)
  • PATHOLOGY-still not confirm yet.
SO...prepare your slide well,your soft copy, your draft..etc..NO PROCRASTINATION.(like me..:p)
Make your accessor happy and satisfy to give you 15 MARKS out of 15 (or maybe more than that..who knows..:p)

LAST for this post..REMEMBER..Allah will not change that person fate unless he try to make it change by its own will..:D 
(just picture for fun..from iqbalbear90..:D)


  1. betul2... markah free 15 ni jgn buang... frankly speaking, aku sayang gila section 3 ni...
    kalau ada M.A.I 2, kita dpt 1st place boleh? rasanya x mustahil... :D
    Good Luck y'all!

  2. sape la yg tulis ni..aku sayang giler kat die..kwang3..

  3. ha abu terima kasih la sayang kat aku..hahahaha:P

  4. sebok je la Abu... shuh2... maen jaoh2... panggil peter kang....